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Reasons You Shouldn’t Have Sex with Her

What can prevent a man and a woman from having sex? Even if she is beautiful, intelligent and seems to be the meaning of life, it still doesn’t mean that you have to make love with her. At least, for now. It is better to go away before passion covers you.
So, here are 4 reasons why you shouldn`t have sex with her, provided by ukraine dating site

  1.      You should be restraint

If you are looking for someone to live together till death do you part, then it’s better to wait with sex. It’s easy to find an attractive person for sex and is much more difficult to find a very special girl. That’s why you should enjoy a foreplay called a “relationship” to find out how your girl corresponds to this innocence image and get guarantees that you are the one for her. We have one life and we don’t want to spend it on disappointment, right?

  1.      She has a boyfriend

Even if a girl is vile and she herself has inclined you to sexual crimes, you deserve to get hit from her man. It is necessary to find out whether a girl is in a relationship before exploring her inner world. Such impudence is fraught with bad consequences. It is not your business what her boyfriend may do to her – better worry about yourself.

Okay, if this still happened, don’t regret it. A lady is casual and sex is spontaneous. After all, no one said that her man was going to marry her. But if you are perfectly aware of their love, then there is no excuse for you. It is not the most worthy act to steal women, but it’s much dirtier if you just have sex once a month without love and are led only by instinct. It is appropriate to recall the famous saying: “Put yourself in her boyfriend’s place”. Therefore, if you are not going to build a serious relationship, then don’t even think about sex with her. Leave people alone and don’t increase your self-esteem, doing bad things.

  1.      Your intentions are too frivolous

There are relationships that are very reminiscent of hunting: first, you start courting, lure your victim with tales of yourself and promises of a serious relationship, you wait for the moment when you can attack her and… you “kill” her. But you do it not with a shotgun, but with a lie. There is no limit to female cunning – this is true. But some men’s acts look even worse. If a lady says that she is not looking for casual sex but for a serious relationship, then you shouldn’t deceive her, saying that you can’t imagine life without her and then disappear. If you want you can insist on your position or immediately go away, but don’t force her to have sex with you. This is not appropriate.

  1.      You don’t want her

Sex is a very overrated occupation. No, it is very necessary and it is impossible to live without it, but it doesn’t always justify expectations. You wait for it and finally, you find something suitable. You fascinate, seduce, take your clothes off, embrace, try to feel each other, catch the rhythm, merge into one… and that is all – the end, you have no feelings. With every second, she seems less and less charming and you have thought in your head: “Why did I do it?”, “It wasn’t worth it”, “I don’t like her”. You understand that everything is usually ordinary and, therefore, sorry for money and time that you spent on her. You can’t look at her naked: you see only flaws that were not noticed earlier. There is no special joy and a girl turns out to be a stranger. She doesn’t understand your jokes, you feel awkwardness, and she annoys you more and more. You consciously went to this step. And what if you doubt and don’t really want it? Then it is not necessary to enter into any relationship only because you are a man. You don’t need to prove anything to anyone. Sex disappoints much less if a person is selective in partners and has sex only from a great desire.

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